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About Us

We started "Luxotix Eyewear" as a side project during our student life back in 2014. At that time we faced the ever existing problem of fashion world, known as: “high-price/low-quality+ bad service” ordeal. We were so pissed off by some local existing online/mortar-brick shop that at one stage we decided to take take that matter on our own hand. Luxotix basically born on this idea of creating  “WOW” for customers. Give them an unforgettable experience they always remember.

After initial starting, we’ve got impressive positive responses from our close friends, acquaintances and customers. Showered by their overwhelming love, we’ve realized that they are the true “hero” of our journey!

Here at Luxotix, we are promised to deliver the most high-end customer satisfaction service by selling them “high-quality+ low cost” eyeglassses, sunglasses, lens and other accessories items....
For most formal to the most sporty events, for the most stylish to the most nerdy one, we’ve got something for you! We’re importing the most trendy latest collection from the most reliable foreign sources, photograph them by our own hand and make it ready for you!

You can find us @ or, Visit our Experience Store @ 2/6, Noorjahan Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Call us @ 01919924791 or, 01711924791
Follow us on instagram @luxotixofficial or on Facbook

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